Give it a shot

Monday, 23 July 2012

by Haris Ibrahim K. V.

Most people, when they feel like writing a book, usually think of all the ways that it could go wrong. They read upon lots of things that an author should take care of and finally decide to put the writing on hold to get everything right. In most of the cases, instead of getting everything right, they usually end up not writing at all.

Yes, getting everything right and then writing the book pays off. But that, by no means, should be a hindrance to those who have wonderful ideas and stories to contribute to the world. Hence, even if less in number, there are people nowadays who support these kind of initiatives.

 So, just as in my case, what I advice you to do is to give it a shot. Your book might not be the world's greatest, but it surely will matter to those close to you. Let them realize what you had in mind and inspire them, thereby promoting your book one step at a time.

Let not your ideas and imaginations go to vain. Get them out. Let us support each other to get our own works out. It is about time that publishers stopped eating a large amount of the price that people pay to read our creativeness.

What are you looking for in a novel?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Are you looking for a nice, cozy feeling, for something that warms you inside and makes you feel at home? Are you looking for something that takes your breath away, raises your pulse and makes your heart beat faster? Or maybe you're looking looking for wisdom and knowledge, something you can meditate on and learn to apply in your daily life. For a virtual space where you can forget yourself and all your problems and dive deep into an alternative reality... For things that touch you in an indescribable way and make you long for places you’ve never been to, people you’ve never met and moments you’ve never lived... For something to stimulate your imagination and take you to its very limits...

More Writing Prompts... Re-writing a Fairy Tale

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fairy tales have survived for hundreds of years and they will still be around when our grandchildren become grandparents. So why do people enjoy them so much? Fairy tales convey in a simple form deep truths that great novelists struggle to express over hundreds of pages. They take us back to the magic realm of our childhood. They speak about archetypes we can all identify with. They tell us that in the end good always triumphs over evil. The passion for storytelling is written in our genetic code. They bring a tinge of optimism and a tiny flicker of confidence that there might be still hope for the human race.

Squirrel for Meditation

Look at this little fellow! Isn't he gorgeous? What would you be thinking if you had that expression on your face? Look at the image for two minutes without turning your eyes and you'll have the revelation of what it feels like to be a squirrel. No, I'm not kidding! It worked for me!

The Book Without Chapters

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Why chapters? You don't need chapters. A river doesn't have chambers. Life is not compartmented, it flows. It doesn't stop to think or ask itself: "Where am I going now?" or "What am I going to do next?" It just carries on. The Earth doesn't stop from its journey around the sun because it suffers from Earth's block. God himself doesn't have Creator's block. Or, if he does, he chooses not to tell us. He creates, then lets his creations look after themselves.

More Creative Writing Prompts...

Thursday, 18 March 2010


1. you woke up one morning in an unknown and unfamiliar place?

2. you overslept on the train and woke up way past your destination?

3. you found a winning lottery ticket on your doorstep?

4. you were told you had one more week to live?

5. people wore their skin inside out?

How to Capture an Elusive Thought

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

You walk down the street or drive down the motorway. Your mind wonders in a thousand places but you can’t stop for more than an instant in any of them. You think of everything and nothing. Your senses plunge deep into the ocean of colour and noise that surrounds you.
Suddenly something catches your attention. An ethereal thought rises from your subconscious like a ship looming on a misty sea. You spot it for an instant; you grasp it with the antennas of your soul and hold it tight. You know it’s precious. You are determined not to let it go.