More Writing Prompts... Re-writing a Fairy Tale

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fairy tales have survived for hundreds of years and they will still be around when our grandchildren become grandparents. So why do people enjoy them so much? Fairy tales convey in a simple form deep truths that great novelists struggle to express over hundreds of pages. They take us back to the magic realm of our childhood. They speak about archetypes we can all identify with. They tell us that in the end good always triumphs over evil. The passion for storytelling is written in our genetic code. They bring a tinge of optimism and a tiny flicker of confidence that there might be still hope for the human race.

Because they are so loved and so popular, fairy tales will always be an invaluable source of inspiration for writers. Wouldn’t you read a story that promises an unexpected twist to “Beauty and the Beast”, “Snow White” or “Cinderella”? The twist could be modern, comical, surrealistic, bizarre, psychological... Here are just a few ideas to get you going:  

Snow White:
- the story retold by one of the dwarfs
- the story retold by the wicked queen
- what happened to the eighth dwarf?
- the wicked queen turns Snow White into a dwarf
- the wicked queen turns the prince into a dwarf
- the wicked queen kidnaps one of the dwarfs and threatens to kill him if Snow White doesn’t live the prince alone. 
- the prince falls in love with the wicked queen
- a fairy turns the seven dwarfs into a giant. 
- the prince is in fact the seven dwarfs (a wicked witch cursed him to split into seven little men until a beautiful princess decides to spend her life with them)

- the prince has an ugly brother.
- the ball is cancelled because the prince has an accident.
- Cinderella’s carriage breaks on the way to the ball.
- the prince has a scarred face
- the prince is a nerd who can’t dance and hates royal balls
- the prince falls in love with one of the ugly sisters
- the ugly sisters are beautiful; Cinderella is the ugly one.
- one of the ugly sisters breaks her ankle and can’t go to the ball.
- the prince is abducted by aliens just before the ball
- Cinderella’s glass slipper contains a virus that infects the prince with a rare disease.
- a computer wizard travels in time from the 21st century and teaches Cinderella the wonders of virtual reality

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
- the story retold by the genie in the lamp
- the genie falls in love with the princess
- the princess falls in love with the wise and faithful genie
- the genie escapes and locks Aladdin in the lamp
- Aladdin travels to the 21st century
- the genie in the lamp is Einstein’s ghost, who was captured and sent back in time by an eccentric quantum physicist.
- the genie in the lamp is an enchanted woman
- the story retold by the inventor of the lamp


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