Give it a shot

Monday, 23 July 2012

by Haris Ibrahim K. V.

Most people, when they feel like writing a book, usually think of all the ways that it could go wrong. They read upon lots of things that an author should take care of and finally decide to put the writing on hold to get everything right. In most of the cases, instead of getting everything right, they usually end up not writing at all.

Yes, getting everything right and then writing the book pays off. But that, by no means, should be a hindrance to those who have wonderful ideas and stories to contribute to the world. Hence, even if less in number, there are people nowadays who support these kind of initiatives.

 So, just as in my case, what I advice you to do is to give it a shot. Your book might not be the world's greatest, but it surely will matter to those close to you. Let them realize what you had in mind and inspire them, thereby promoting your book one step at a time.

Let not your ideas and imaginations go to vain. Get them out. Let us support each other to get our own works out. It is about time that publishers stopped eating a large amount of the price that people pay to read our creativeness.


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